Bob Moesta

Lecturer at The Harvard Business School,Pioneer of the Jobs To Be Done Method

Tired of losing so many customers?

Get the know-how.
Win and keep more clients.

Instead of hoping that your company will magically acquire and keep better customers, help your eCommerce clients acquire AND retain more clients.

The brief that the eCommerce companies have right now is:
"Help me fix my business model."

The eCommerce business model relies on Customer Lifetime Value.

With the CVO Academy, you get access to the most advanced methodology to increase CLV, brought to you by 9 A-players.

The best-run companies know it’s time to shift. 

After decades of focusing primarily on the acquisition
marketing, the market is shifting:

  • From one-time buyers to lifetime customers.
  • From clicks to relationships. 
  • From just the top of the funnel to the whole customer journey.

It's too expensive to acquire customers that never come back

As acquisition costs are through the roof, companies are now forced to be way more efficient than ever before.

You can't do this without monitoring how much you spend to acquire a customer (CAC) and how much you get from that customer down the line (CLV).

Sure, one-night stands seem fun.

Long Term relationships are far more rewarding, though.

True love, true in the big game of business.
Getting them is one thing.
Getting them to stay is completely different.
Think marriage over first kisses.
We’ll help you win at the eCommerce game:
Acquisition to Conversion to Retention:

CVO: Customer Value Optimization Methodology.

"The CVO Academy is an indispensable resource. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking to get better in eCommerce"

"Hands down, the best money I've spent on education. Hands down."

"Mine and my team's experience with the CVO Academy has been absolutely amazing. You'll see incredible results!"

– Jack Burk, Korceptive, USA

– Ward Carey,  Heidi Carey, USA

– Julien Normand, Pilot House, USA

Feel like you have to do something to stop client churn?

Enroll now and gain lifetime access

to >20h of content & 12 templates, tools, and calculators to become


The eCommerce Fundamentals

The eCommerce Unit Economics

How to calculate Customer Lifetime Value

How to calculate CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

What is the best CLV:CAC ratio

The eCommerce Growth Formula
(and the Calculator to use from now on)


Customer Research

The Customer Value Optimization Framework

RFM segmentation

Meet Your Soulmates, Lovers, Ex-Lovers, and Breakup Customers

How To Do Quantitative Research
Cohort Analysis, Product Assortment: What and When

How To Do Qualitative Research
Surveys & Interviews: When, Why, and How

The Jobs To Be Done

The forces of Progress, Struggling moments, interviews. 

The Ideal Customer Profile

From fictional buyer persona to actual customers & needs


Customer Experience in eCommerce

The Customer Experience metrics in Retail & eCommerce

How to Leverage the Net Promoter Score

The importance of Customer Experience in eCommerce

Customer Journey Mapping

The 5 Phases that impact the Customer Journey

How to continuously improve the experience in all phases of the Customer Journey?

Learn More about Karl Gilis


The CVO Campaigns: email, website & ads

Email strategy for onboarding & retention

Onboarding & Retention FLows

Core Post-Purchase Flows

Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

Customer Acquisition Informed by the ICP insights

Website Optimization to improve the CLV

Learn More about Val Geisler


9 A-level practitioners and professors from the eCommerce, research, CX, ads, and email fields 

Julia Whatley

Maria Caciur

Partnerships, Refersion

COO, OmniConvert

Chase Dimond

Karl Gilis

Partner, Structured

Managing Partner, AG Consult

Bob Moesta

Lecturer at The Harvard Business School

Dennis Yu

Cristi Movila

CTO, Blitzmetrics


Valentin Radu

Val Geisler

Chief Evangelist, Klaviyo

CEO & Founder, OmniConvert

Feel like you have to do something to stop client churn?

Enroll now and gain lifetime access

to >20h of content & 12 templates, tools, and calculators to become

"An Indispensable resource for anyone willing to level-up!"

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that the CVO course has actually saved one of the clients I'm working with."

"I loved learning about things like jobs to be done or how to use the RFM segmentation in a way that is memorable for eCommerce managers. A great learning experience!"

– Jim Martin,  Align Digital, New Zealand

– Alexandra Cho,  Australia

– Robert Ribciuc, EBITDA Catalyst, USA

Is this for you?

Let's set things clear: the last thing we want is to provide something unsuitable for you.

This might not be for you if: 

This is definitely for you if:

You know everything about the eCommerce business model

You feel it right in the heart when a customer leaves you

You want to stand out in a way that you're being seen as a true expert

You are not losing customers

You want to see the big picture & change your mindset 

You know how to create a customer journey

You are settled with your current progress

Approach the market more holistically

Your clients love you and there's zero risk for them to churn

You want to learn advanced Customer Segmentation

You don't want to charge your customers more

You are struggling to get better & more profitable clients

Show to the world that you have strong skills!

You get an exam at the end
We'll test your skills with an exam that validates
you're ready to start your CVO practice

Certificate of completion

Let the world know that your hard earned skills are there with a shareable Certificate of Achievement

When you graduate the CVO Academy will receive a unique CVO Expert Certification that you can include on your resume or as a badge on your LinkedIn Profile.

To be a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert means to:

  • - be able to use the Customer Value Optimization (CVO) methodology and processes to drive sustainable business growth
  • - master customer insights and predict customer behaviour
  • - know how all eCommerce skills affect Customer Lifetime Value. From Customer Retention, Support & Analytics to Email and Ads.
  • - know how to generate a great Customer Experience in an eCommerce
  • - know how to use all the eCommerce tools that affect CLV

Many companies think they care about their customers. The cruel reality is that they don’t. 

As competition increases in the eCommerce landscape, more and more companies wake up to the reality that they need to monitor what matters: Customer Lifetime value. 

There’s the good old principle: you get what you give. 

If you don’t give enough value, customers will not return or promote your company. 

When their acquisition costs are going up, and they find that their business model might not work anymore, they must turn to their ignored goldmine: Customer data. 

So, we decided to address this problem by creating the CVO Academy.

Practitioners, book authors, academic professors, and eCommerce experts teach how to improve customer lifetime value in eCommerce. 

The academy is also certifying experts to deliver this kind of service to companies all over the world.

Need a serious solution to optimize the

Customer Lifetime Value?

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